To be the body of Christ by making disciples, all the members have different functions (Eph. 4:16) but equal value (1 Cor. 12:12-31).

Functions are determined by God and seasons of life. We each take responsibility for our function, forming a body from many parts. As a result, leaders have a unique function and together they are organized with the whole body like an interdependent web (Rom. 12:3-5). This makes room for leaders to identify, develop, and empower potential and current leaders. 

The Door’s Leadership Team consists of the elders and deacons. Their value and importance is the same. The functions of the elders and deacons are different.

Based on 1 Tim. 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-9 the Elders’ function is to provide:    

Faithful in prayer to grasp and diligently guide the body in who they are as a body. Elders are grounded in who God is and what He is saying in order to discern where God is taking The Door and why.



Elders are looking over the body to pay attention to where The Door is headed to ensure it is aligned with sound doctrine.


Elders guide the flock to safety regardless of the condition (season of green pastures or season of drought).

Based on 1 Timothy 3:8-13 & Acts 6:1-8 the Deacons’ function is to provide:


The role of the Deacon, through ownership and initiative, is to fill a practical need that puts The Door vision into practice.

Service and leadership

The Deacon's role is simultaneously one of service and of leadership as he or she leads others in service. Typically, a Deacon is someone who is also providing leadership within a ministry of The Door.


As Deacons are serving and providing leadership, they are closely paying attention to the present state of The Door and its ministries, with the understanding that deacons have authority to address needs and concerns.

How is our leadership structured in a way that we can live a life on mission? Find out here.


 Rod Glick at The Door Christian Fellowship

Rod glick

In his spare time, Rod enjoys reading and learning. He says, “Years ago I took up cross-stitching, but kept spilling coffee on my work so I gave it up.”

Glenda describes her husband, Rod, as compassionate, loving, and eccentrically goofy.

Rod’s favorite Bible verse is Galations 2:20 - “Because I am committed to being the best dead man possible so that Christ’s life can live through me.”

 Keith Samuelson at The Door Christian Fellowship

keith samuelson

In his spare time, Keith enjoys spending quality time with family, different house projects, and playing the occasional video game.

Heather, Keith’s wife, describes him as helpful, selfless, and loving.

His favorite Bible verse is Philippians 3:7-8.

anton oberg

Anton’s pastimes include hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Angie describes her husband, Anton, as adventuresome, a life-lover, and a teacher.

His favorite verse is Psalms 32:8. He says, “I treasure the times that God has guided me and my family, and I hold on to that promise for the future because I know I will need to.”


Krista Stauffer

Krista loves reading, fine dining in ethnic restaurants, beach vactions, cooking, Manheim Central High School Band performances, and going to professional football and baseball games. Although she does wish she could play the drums.

Her husband, Bob, describes her as beautiful, irreplaceable, and authentic.

Krista’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 12:10, ESV. She says, “It is a good reminder of what God intends for relationships to be like and the posture I am to take in relating to the people He has placed in my life.”

Rennae Newman

Rennae’s pastimes include teaching REFIT, counted cross-stitch, going to the movies and best aunt

David, Rennae’s husband, describes her as witty, considerate, and awesome.

Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 - “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She says, “We used this as our focus verse in Launch a few years ago. My strength, in all situations, comes from Him. He helps me do all things throughout my life. In Launch, we memorized this verse by using our fingers and looking down at my fingers reminds me both of the kids and this verse.”