Pray for Paapa & Chioya

Supporting Paapa & Chioya through prayer is vital. There are native Food for The Hungry staff and leaders working with many communities throughout Guatemala. Below are specific prayer requests for Paapa & Chioya that have been shared with us by these leaders.

(May, 2012 greetings from Domingo Bernal in Guatemala)

Dear brothers and sisters:

On behalf of the community of Paapa and all FH staff we send special greetings to all members of The Door Fellowship Church. Our hope is that your hearts rejoice with us when you receive this information.

For FH Alta Verapaz, it is a blessing to partner with you and walk together side by side with the families of Paapa. You are a true blessing to the community; the community leaders always remember you and talk about the team during their meetings. You are all very important to them and so is your friendship and love.

The community and our staff hope to see you soon again. In the meantime, the community and our staff are all praying for your church and the team members who will come next July.

We pray to God that we all have the same heart and courage to keep expanding God’s Kingdom among the families of Paapa.

May 2012 Prayer Requests and Praises:

Pray for all our approach with the local government and community leaders

Pray for all students, families middle school and high school students for physical strength and wisdom

Pray for the new classroom construction

For all the teachers, for wisdom

For all FH staff working in the community, for endurance and spiritual strength and for the projects

FH is implementing in the community in areas of Health and nutrition, leadership strengthening and agriculture 

For the agriculture project starting in this community

For the receptiveness of community leadership and local government