Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship is one of the most important parts of sponsoring a community as it has a powerful impact on children and families as well as the entire community. Through Child Sponsorship, we are teaming up with FH to holistically confront the impact of poverty in the communities of Chioya and Paapa.

Two practical ways child sponsorship assists in combatting poverty is through finances and relationship.  Each monthly donation is used to improve the community’s education and medical resources.  Each letter that is received by a sponsored child is an encouragement that someone (from across the world) is praying for them and giving them hope and encouragement.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child in one of our communities, please contact Jeff Geyer.

Below are some of the beautiful children that being sponsored through individuals and families from The Door Christian Fellowship.  To begin making a difference in one child's life, please click the following link to sponsor a child in one of the communities connected to The Door.     
      Ana               Carlos           Carmen          Claudia      Cresenciana      Cristina             Dany
     Deysi             Efrain            Elvira L.         Elvira M.             Erick          Floricelda          Gloria
   Griselda            Heler             Ingrid             Jaime              Jorge              Jose              Marco
  Margarita           Maria            Marta             Marvin            Oscar             Pablo            Paulina   
     Pedro             Reina            Romelia           Rony             Rosalia            Rudy              Silvia
     Sindy           Victoriano         Walter            Henry           Evelyn            Alvaro              Lidia
     Geidy             Marvin