Child Sponsorship

Chejaneb is the name for a cluster of three villages in Guatemala. The Door's focus is on two of the three villages of Chejaneb - Paapa & Chioya.

Child sponsorship is obviously a powerful way to have an impact on a community.

SPONSOR A CHILD: Click here to see current children in Paapa, Guatemala, who are waiting to be sponsored.

Through sponsoring children, we are teaming with Food for the Hungry to holistically confront the impact of poverty in the lives of children and families in Chioya & Paapa, Guatemala. Below are the beautiful faces and names of the children being sponsored monthly through individuals and families from The Door Christian Fellowship.     
      Ana               Carlos           Carmen          Claudia      Cresenciana      Cristina             Dany
     Deysi             Efrain            Elvira L.         Elvira M.             Erick          Floricelda          Gloria
   Griselda            Heler             Ingrid             Jaime              Jorge              Jose              Marco
  Margarita           Maria            Marta             Marvin            Oscar             Pablo            Paulina   
     Pedro             Reina            Romelia           Rony             Rosalia            Rudy              Silvia
     Sindy           Victoriano         Walter            Henry           Evelyn            Alvaro              Lidia
     Geidy             Marvin