About C 2 C

"Community 2 Community" partnership is along term relationship between a community in the developing world and an American church. Churches send teams on short-term trips, sponsor children, pray, give regular updates, and grow in our understanding of a Biblical view and response to poverty.  Food for the Hungry gives guidance in this relationship and direction in addressing all aspects of poverty: spiritual, social, health, educational, environmental and economic.

The Door is partnering with a cluster of two villages in Guatemala called Paapa & Chioya. Our relationship with them began in July, 2009. We have started by praying for the children and sponsoring them for $32/month. So far around 50 children are sponsored through individuals and families of The Door. Through sponsorship, children are provided with opportunities that could only have been dreamed of before. If you want more information about child sponsorship, contact The Door office.

The C2C Core Team is guiding us in this endeavor. The team consists of: Jeff Geyer (team leader), Libby Geyer (church advocate), Karen Kaufmann, Jill Tankesley, Brian & Sharon Weaver, Maddie Weaver and Erin Weaver.

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